Arab doctor Avicenna used music to treat nervous and mental diseases a thousand years ago. Pythagoras urged to use of music in the educational process.
The whole universe is in a state of vibration, and each object generates its own oscillation frequency.

Spolum Drum music can communicate with the human body in the language of such vibrations. It can adjust, align, harmonize. The body of each of us, every cell, every organ, every bone and tissue has a “healthy” resonant frequency. In the sick organ on the frequency changes relatively to the original, stands out from the general tuneful “chord”. Restoring the natural frequency means healing. It is proved that the sounds of music in the region of 750 – 3000 Hz can stimulate the heart, lungs and feelings, but the very low frequencies of 125 – 750 Hz affect muscles and physical movements.

In the old days when towns were attacked by mass diseases, the chimes did not stop to ring and the disease receded. Modern microbiological studies have confirmed that most bacteria die under the influence of powerful sound resonance!

Many experts note the importance of using sound therapy in correctional work with autistic children.
There are situations when patients do not want to contact with other people – But !!! “They communicate” with the Drum for several hours a day and feel relief. We have some videos from our customers who have confirmed this effect! Patients did not say a word for several months, but they did not refuse to play the drum and began to smile, for the first time in many months. Probably, the sounds of the Instrument is at the same level with the spiritual world. The use of sound for therapeutic purposes is as natural as singing a lullaby to a crying baby. Through the sensation of vibration, appears a deep contact with the body, the anxiety leaves and the feeling that everything will be fine comes. Spolum Drum also gets along well with people with poor eyesight, or the blind ones, because their hearing is sharpened and they easily improvise and enjoy the play.

Music therapy has been useful for the treatment of headache, memory strengthening, stimulation learning abilities with children with developmental delays.

Everyone knows the expression that most of the diseases are provoked by nerves, the treatment by “sound” has been proven for chronic pain and stress, especially useful for improving the physical functioning of the body and bringing its strong internal energy into balance.

We are confident that the regular use of the Spolum Drum tool can increase energy and trigger the self-healing and rejuvenation mechanism in the human body.
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