Sound is a concentrated energy. We react to sounds with our entire being. We react to sounds with all our beings. The sound is interpreted and assimilated by our body on a cellular level. It is perceived by the nervous system and emits energy that causes a specific response throughout the body. Uplifting, relaxing, exciting. It is genetically inborn in us the reaction, from the time when people were reasonable. As we know people always played different drums and instruments, and to do it when they wanted to heat up or receive magical help from above (after selling 1.5 tons of instruments, our drum allows you to do both).

And we think Tibetan bowls, bells, which for many thousands of years, confirm the correctness of such sounds. This sound falls into the category of those that we we will always satisfy, such as the sound of the crackling fire, the sound of water and rain, ringing bells, singing Tibetan bowls, the laughter of children and so on. Thanks Spolum Drum you will feel a kind of incredible energy is fraught with this small instrument.
You will feel its sound in every cell of your body.