Nursing homes, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, rehabilitation centers, development centers, business firms where creativity is needed, rest rooms, etc.

From our and the world’s practice it’s already known that the sound of such an instrument, everyone will find something different, like a breath of fresh air as if you got what you’ve been waiting. This evokes a feeling of pleasure, a subconscious understanding, that we have finally found something that we really like. Subconsciously, we determine what’s right for us and what’s not extremely accurately, we all have strong tastes and feelings when we hear music.

Using Spolum Drum, you will have the ability to slow down time quiet music, almost to fly as fast as possible and relax tension within the body. (Activation of the feeling of internal time increases the elasticity of cell membranes and all membranes of the body; the calmer our mind, the younger our body. We all know that people who meditate look younger. This is the paradox described even in ancient writings). In practice, we notice that even those people who are in depression or apathy instantly feel relaxed and calm when playing Spolum Drum.