Ethnic, folk groups, musicians, street musicians, music teachers. We provide you with an excellent opportunity to expand your skills and talents with a unique instrument – Spolum Drum! The incredible sound will add to your music a special taste of ethnic melodies and high vibrations of Tibet.

Very concise in size, you can easily transfer and arrange concerts where your heart desires. And if you use drums with other instruments, you will get an unforgettable Symphony. The drum is tuned so that it is easy to play, even with a minimum of musical education. The instrument is very durable and it’s virtually impossible to damage it. Spolum Drum sings, expressing the sound of a spontaneous soul dance, deep feelings and experiences of the musician.

If you buy our tool and play it, or use it in any of your performances, send us a video for our YouTube channel. The person with the best video will get the next instrument for free!